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End(o)s & Beginnings

We celebrated one year of dates in the best of ways: with Endo at The Rotunda. After a few attempts from my date to get a reservation, taking me seemed to be the cause the resy gods were waiting for! I’ve been told I’m a good luck charm, after all.

Not much needs to be said that hasn’t been already. This place is exceptional in every way. I’m averse to calling favourites as sometimes the mood begs for someplace a little more hole-in-the-wall or stall-in-the-street, but it’s easily one of my top three Japanese restaurants in Europe.

Endo is a total celebrity. And yet, Kazutoshi is profoundly down to earth and simply “wants everyone to be friends, and have a good time.” That we did. “You're family now, come back whenever!” …easier said than done, Endosan 😉

I was too busy bantering with the other guests and chefs to photograph everything but here’s a brief wrap on some of what we enjoyed.

Main of Miyazaki wagyu nestled in with the cutest selection of crunchy greens. The delightful Goto Udon from Nagasaki topped with Sardinian Bottarga and Endosan’s own seaweed oil (simply wow). Then, the bright takiawaze, an egg dish; an incredible piece with Orkney island scallop topped with caviar which was followed by seared fatty tuna, rich egg and black truffle on top. To finish, the moreish crème brûlée parfait (but not before I had snuck in an extra Business Card - tuna temaki with the most incredible nori)👏

Until we meet again...


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