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Plates to daydream about

If you know me you know I love Notting Hill. This incredible spot nestled opposite my favourite London bakery is a must visit. Open fire, solid menu, and wonderful staff that make you feel as if they’re simply whipping something up for their closest friends.

We enjoyed chicken liver parfait (naturally) with locally baked sourdough, black carrots dressed up with sea urchin and lardo, a fun take on bulgogi with veal sweetbread; a sweet potato agnolotti with black truffle, chicken wing butter, and pecans. With a well-curated playlist constantly on the go and a covetous vinyl collection/listening lounge downstairs: it’s a hipster’s paradise without ever trying to be anything it isn’t - a great sentiment for a first date.

Hidden in a small side street off South Molton sits a 10 seater Omakase, helmed by husband and wife duo Tamas Naszai and Tomoko Hasegawa.

Spoiled with eight courses of seasonal treats, we enjoyed an incredible variety of dishes from a splendid sakezuke of trout roe with tomato jelly, to ginger and fig ice cream sprinkled with adzuki and an almost choral "Mmmmm!" inducing buttery crumble. With everyone sat around the prep area; Tamas and Tomoko operating as if performing a carefully choreographed dance, the experience is quite hypnotic.

A major fan, I can’t not mention the veritable arsenal of crockery they have at their disposal. “The food is only half the story” as well-said in their ceramics brochure. And boy, what a story do these items tell. From the iconic Takatori sake cups to delicate wares from UK-based family craftsmen. My favourite piece being Kihachi Workshop’s “Motion” bowl. Sen wood turned in Ishikawa, then steamed, pinched, and lacquered to their beautiful organic and sultry dark finish. Eager to add one to my collection.

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