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Keep it delicious

Last week in food.

Was recently gifted these homemade-from-scratch marshmallow pick n’ mix bags. First batch with tonka bean and vetiver coated in kinako + jivaro milk chocolate + toasted cashews. Below with yuzu, lemon, and orange blossom CBD oil + ruby chocolate drops. OK. I’m listening. The kinako unreal with the great Solera champagne we had on hand; complex buttery brioche; nice and plush, and a punchy apple-pear finish.

I’ve already purchased the recommended recipe book to make my own sweets in rebuttal. If you’ve flavour combination ideas for me - send them over! You know I’ll try anything once.

Gave a brief breakdown of my dinner at Casa Fofo, which you can find in my Instagram highlights. Very East London. Normally a plus for me. A generous 7/10 for the overall experience. Would go back for a second shot.

That good good from Szrok.

Firm believer that we should never feel guilty about any of our pleasures. Consuming consciously helps. I ❤️ The Small Heard. Thanks for joining me at the butchery. And back for dinner after it transformed into the ever intimate cookshop. Seriously good stuff. Here’s what I ate.

Incredible Carlingford Loch oysters. Local British Blue rump steak. Chicory + celery + pear + stilton salad. Warm chocolate mousse + real (unpasteurised) crème fraîche + huge flakes of salt.



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