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Bar Raiser

...A devotional, painted pink.

Where to even begin. I was utterly and completely beside myself. She made me an old school mixtape for the perfect movie-montage summer.

She's my peach 🍑 and I'm her bunny 🐇.

But wait, there's more! A collection-completing volume of a manga that I know was surely a mission to obtain (my absolute favourite from Taiyo Matsumoto), and an art print that made my heart soar. Joined by the tiniest of onigiri vases (yes, it's a vase for a singular stem!). Nom nom nom.

And finally we wrap up this gift report with Karen O's Crush Songs. A record that painted the figurative walls of my teenage years with a tasty angst: I was patiently kissless until 19 (none of the teen boys at school quite met the requirements of my desire), a mere three years ago, yet bursting at the seams with romantic sentiment. A tea left steeping 'til ultimate potency. Anyway, the blue vinyl is electrically sexy, and yes, that's Ultraman on the TV.

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